Gita McGregor is the owner of the Hillside travel and the Heights. She has a share in the Deli.

She has a daughter, Ava, and a son, Ty, who until recently was believed to be her nephew.

She is being accused for the murder of Herman and Louis Croukamp, but it has been revealed that the real murderer is Ty, who is framing her. 

Gita is known as a manipulator and con woman, and doesn't have many friends as a result. Most people in Hillside currently think she is a murderer.

However, Gita has one good friend in Hilda, who helped her when she resurfaced after going on the run. Hilda provided her with a drop of Ty's blood, so that Gita could have a dna-test done, and prove Ty is her biological son.

She is portrayed by Jo da Silva.